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Family owned business where our products are made with love & only the best all natural ingredients for your better health and wellbeing.

Our products!


Our handmade soap bars are perfect for head to toe use and are safe to use on beard, face, hair or whole body! 

The best reason to use handmade soap is the ingredients. Our soaps are all made with food grade vegetable oils and butters rich in antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients essential to keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.  They lather up naturally and feel great on the skin!

All soaps are poured and cut by hand; size and shape may vary.

Each bar weighs approximately between 5 & 6 oz.

 Natural soaps will last longer if air is allowed to circulate around them.

Try to keep your soap out of constant running water. To keep your soap dry between uses, use a soap tray that drains well.


Use our Body Scrubs to reveal softer, glowing skin with gentle-exfoliating, Organic Shea Butter & Coconut Oil moisturize while Pure Cane Sugar scrubs away the dead skin, leaving it soft & smooth.

Safe for use head to toe - use gently on face and lips!

Store in a cool, dry place.  Avoid any moisture inside container.


Treat your body to a little TLC with one of our handmade lotions. Each one is a unique experience, addressing different skin needs with fresh, nourishing all natural ingredients. No matter which one you choose, your skin will be soft, supple and beautifully scented. supplementing your skin’s moisture content with hydrating products.

Our body lotions are packed with moisturizing ingredients that soften and hydrate dry bits.

Each one is made with a unique blend of skin-soothing butters and oils for a different feel, but each will give skin the moisture it needs, leaving it soft and silky.

Regularly exfoliating skin that’s prone to dryness also helps. Our sugar scrubs remove dead skin cells, which reveals the healthy skin beneath and allows your moisturizer to work its magic even more efficiently.


But what exactly is a massage candle, you may ask? It's just like any other votive, but it's specially formulated with soy wax that won't harm your skin upon direct contact, because soy melts at a comfortable temperature and isn't an irritant (provided you don't have a soy allergy)

Massage candles also contain essential oils for aromatherapy benefits, as well as emollients, like vitamin E and shea butter or coconut oil, to smooth and hydrate skin

To use massage candles safely—and without hurting yourself or your partner—SD suggests letting the candle burn, so that there's an adequate puddle of melted wax on the top. Then, blow out the flame, let cool slightly (you want it to be liquid and warm, but not scorching hot), and pour onto skin prior to the massage.


Great fizzy bathtime treats

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Don't take our word for it, Heres some reviews from our happy customers

9 months ago

I happened upon this store around the holidays and purchased a scrub because i desired to support this small business! OMG! - i cant say enough wonderful things about the scrub i purchased! First, the smell is beyond delicious and calming, I am an older adult who has suffered from bumpy skin on the back of my arms for many years! Three days into using this scrub, and i am a new woman! Thank you!

Laura Frey 3 reviews 7 photos

a year ago

Talk about great smells and awesome scrubs leaves you soft fresh n yummy. Better than bath and body works and cost less

Brandilyn Brennan Local Guide 197 reviews 71 photos.

 a month ago

10/10 Great products, smell amazing and feel good on your skin! Your body will thank you if you try it !

Adri Santoro 4 reviews.