SweetDreams Journey



Welcome to SD handmade soaps where all our products are handmade with only all natural ingredients. 

What started off as making soap, a necessity for daily hygiene , turned out to end up what it is now where we can provide handmade all-natural skincare/beauty products for you!

We started to see a problem in our local all-natural products, Natural beauty products although they are the best for skincare tend to be very boring and bland at times.                                              

So we made it our mission to provide our family and friends with products that are the not just the best for your skincare because their is nothing better for your skin then all-natural ingredients but also products full of bright colors and yummy scents while still keeping everything 100% natural, just because its all-natural we don't believe is an excuse for them to be bland and boring. Life! is full of colors, scents and happy moments,

We just need to learn to take advantage of them. 


SD handmade soaps can provide a variety of all natural organic beauty products to you. there's nothing better for your health than all natural products, the way skin/hair care products are meant to be.


Because Natural Is Beauty